NR 3/2013 ART.78

Bryla K. Przemyslaw, DVM, PhD

Vererinary Surgery, Warsaw, Poland

The BrAVO Spring Meeting took place at the Austin Court in Birmingham, in UK. Austin Court is the City Centre Venue for an event with impact. It is Georgian building with stocks of character.

10Pic. 1. Dr James Oliver (Scientific Programme Organizer) and Dr Bryla K. Przemyslaw (Editor- in-chef of PJVO).During one day lasting conference we had full of interesting presentations. First we started with glaucoma diagnostics: old school and modern marvels. The speaker was dr. Gillian Mclellan from University of Wisconsin-Madison , USA. She presented a number of relatively new tests aviailabel in veterinary ophthalmology. These tests include methods for imaging the anterior segment and aqueous outflow pathways i.e. (tonography, fluorophotometry, episcleral venometry, quantitative evaluation of optic nerve head and retinal nerve fiber layer). Enhanced understanding of the molecular genetic basis for at least some forms of inherited primary and secondary glaucoma will inform breeding strategies aimed at reducing the incidence of inherited glaucomas in dogs and cats.

Dr. Gillian Mclellan also explained differences between cat and dog glaucoma i. e. pathophysiology, classification and medical therapy of the feline glaucoma. She made interpretation of normal fundoscopic findings; canine, feline, equine fundus and general fundoscopic abnormalities.

After the lectures presented by Dr. Gillian, two abstracts were presented. The first, was the case report “ Succesfull medical management of globe penetration following tooth extraction in a dog.” The secound abstract untiteled “ Full thickness sclerotomy with support of the scleroctomy site with autologous corneal graft for the treatment of canine conjunctival haemangioma(CHA). The 8 (SKG) technique – 8 mm sklerotomy, keratectomy, graft would seem an appropriate name for the technique and may be usefull for other conjunctival neoplastic condition in the future.

The next speaker was Dr. Sue Peterson, European Specialist in Veterinary Dermatology. She presented “ Periocular skin disease – investigation, aethiology and treatment. During two-hours presentation she explained us how are periocular skin lesion caused (primary, secondary), investigation of periocular skin, eyelid and eyelash diseases. She divided it to congenital and acquired conditions of these structure in dog and cat eyes. Very important in these situations is investigation and treatment of hyperplastic, neoplastic, inflammatory and immune mediated diseases.

The conference finished in the afternoon leaving all the participants full of impressions, new ideas and energy to work.

Pic. 2. BrAVO member during one of the lecture.