NR 1/2012 ART. 33

Pic. 1. Bryla Przemyslaw during presentation.

The BrAVO winter meeting took place at the Marriott Worsley Hotel and Country Club, near Manchester, in UK. The hotel is set within 200 acres of beautiful parkland. All hotel residential guests have complimentary access to the hotel’s extensive facilities.

The event started on Friday and finished on Sunday’s afternoon. On Friday, after informal buffet, all delegates were invited into the main meeting room for, again, an informal discussion of slides or digital photographs of interesting and challenging cases.

Saturday was full of presentations. We started with slit lamp biomicroscopy. The aim was to provide a very practical illustration on the use of slit lamps. It is important to remember that such examination is a very dynamic process. After that, two abstracts were presented. The first – Scedosporium Apiospermum keratomycosis in a dog. In this case one stained cytology slide was sufficient to allow identification of the fungi. Voriconazole 1% (Vfend; Pizer) was selected as the antifungal treatment in this case. The second – Canine Pigmentary Uveitis – a Case Report. The aetiology of this syndrome is obscure and is characterized by the presence of pigment dispersion on the lens, iris, corneal endothelium. The syndrome can affect one or both eyes and its progression frequently results in uncontrollable glaucoma and blindness in 46% of the cases.

The next speaker was Björn Ekesten from Upsala (Sweden). He explained different aspects of ERG i.e. indications, confirmation of ophthalmological or neurological disease, unexplained loss of the vision, opacities in the ocular media, showed how to recognize, read the responses and presented a few cases of ERG.

Dr. Robert Lowe from Optivet Referal presented summary of his dissertation for RCVS for the Diploma in Veterinary Ophthalmology entitled “An ophthalmic and histological survey of the equine optic nerve head and peripapillary fundus”. The Organise Committee was so kind and found some extra time to let me present our e- Journal – “e-kwartalnik – Okulistyka Weterynaryjna”. My presentation received a warm welcome and interest as not too many countries has similar, to our Polish e-Journal, magazines. Pic.1.

From left; Bryla Przemyslaw, Gould David, Trbolowa Alexandra, Lowe Robert

Also, later on Saturday, a very interesting case was presented “Large Granular Lymphoma Presented with Unilateral Internal Ophthalmoplegia in a Cat”. The LGL was diagnosed on the basis of cytology. The MRI changes were observed in the ventral part of the right hypothalamus and infiltration of the tumour cells associated with systemic dissemination of this tumour.

In the evening all the participants were invited to a gala dinner with entertainment.

On Sunday’s morning we continued our meetings. The topics were connected with cranial nerve: clinical aspects, cranial nerve diseases, dysfunction, cranial neuropathies with ocular manifestation and imagine cranial nerves by X-ray, CT, MRI and ultrasound.

The last lecture was about gonioscopy and explained how to find the drainage angel and how to use different kinds of goniolenses (i.e. Barkan, Koeppe).

The conference finished in the afternoon leaving all the participants full of impressions, new ideas and energy to work.

I avail myself of this opportunity and would like to thank Prof. Alexandra Trbolowa for her company and all the efforts she put into the journey to join us in Manchester.